Wooden Handicrafts

Beside become main material in the manufacture of furniture, wood is also a very good material for handmade crafts or handicrafts. Starting from cinnamon, coconut, teak, mahogany, mindi, fern, sengon, jabon and other wood that’s get creative touch from craftsmen so able to produce of the goods are ready to use, decoration and souvenir with high artistic value.

Teak can be made into a bowl with a variety of shapes and sizes that has a natural impression. Vase with carving from ferns that can produce natural atmosphere for decorative vase. Table and stool has a primitive design because beside having a simple form, that also still maintain of natural shape and color.

Our products have dynamic designs that according of the export market orientation because made by Indonesian craftsmen who have innovation and high creativity. Find wooden handicraft direct from Indonesia Handicraft Manufacturer.