Stone Handicrafts

Natural stones taken from the Yogyakarta area are white stone, onix stone and black stone to produce extraordinary works of art. Even rock and stone of river can produce to be household appliances or kitchen tools and home decoration which wonderful and very amazing. All materials of stonecraft originated from the natural material, does not synthetic materials.

Stone handicrafts produce with a full sense of art and a true heart so every product has aura appearance and can be enjoyed.

Egg-shaped craft that its surface is carved with various picture. Begins from flower, puppet, replica of Borobudur temple until calligraphy. Ornaments, roster, relief, incense place, ashtrays, wall hangings, lamp shades and sculpture in various shapes and sizes that used for accessories to the interior and exterior home or office.

Process of making stone handicraft through with periodic process. Starting from design selection, criteria of stone and the kind of stone. Establishment of design and carving until drying process or removal of water content and also process to produce an exotic color.

We have a wide selection of artworks from natural stone made by experience craftsmen to produce handicraft stone with top design. Even some of handicraft item is a combination of stone handicraft with bamboo handicraft and some combined with wooden handicraft.