Purchase Guarantee


In PT. Javaindo Furniture Industries, if customer are not completely satisfied with customer purchased, we give to customer warranty. However, all claims are subject to these following terms and conditions:


1. Claims allowed up to 1 months from the date of arrival at the port of destination (on max 1 x 40 ft   containers of total orders).

2. Claims allowed up to 6 months from the date of arrival at the port of destination (on min 10 x 40 ft containers of total orders).

3. Delay in claim submission will be reviewed on case by case basis.

4. The purchase guarantee applies to claims against our product shipped to you with the  following conditions :

a. Wood failure resulting in the inability of the products to be used, even after competent repair.

b. The connections or wood joints are broken or out of order.

c. Non wood hardware (brass, screw, dowel, or others) are broken, missing or rusty.

5. All claims will be substantiated by photographs or digital images clearly showing the claim filed as per our purchasing     guarantee. Verbal explanations need to accompany the submitted images for clarification. Photos or images may be sent by post or by email.

6. Claims for problems are failure of non-wood components to be substantiated by   photographs or images in same manner as for wood claims.

7. All claims are processed within one week of receipt with a decision on claim given within 10 days of receipt.

8. Any claim is possibly rejected if :

a. The claim is not connected to purchasing & shipment data.

b. The claim is late as per item 1 and 2 above.

c. No photograph and / or digital image is supplied.

d. Caused by improper unloading from container

e. Caused by disaster, terrorism, fire, flood, or any other related actions

f. No explanatory data is supplied with the image to clearly explain the problem.

9. Our guarantee is for replacement of goods or cash credit against future orders and does not include any other cost such as freight, re-stocking or other charges.