Laundry Basket


Dirty clothes cause an unpleasant scene in your bedroom. If dirty clothes are left piled up because you have not had time to wash it certainly would generate a exhausted sense and unpleasant on your eye.

Laundry basket with beautiful shape that can remove all the fatigue of the problems with storing dirty clothes in the basket that has a very interesting design. Laundry basket has special design according to the clean and natural room form. Laundry basket or laundry box with the natural design of rattan-woven with a variety of shape like rectangular, square, cylinders, and also has a various size. Landry basket which combination of cotton fabric and with bamboo has a classic design and unique.

Although dirty clothes on your bedroom but that’s will still look beautiful, because it lifted by the beauty of laundry box.

In addition to wicker laundry box on this site you will find a rattan basket, magazine holder, bread basket, wicker dustbin with lids, small wicker basket, accessories box, all you can find and buy from the Indonesian Handicraft Manufacturer.