Decorative Vase

Goods from clay which is people popular say with pottery is one of creative work form that has been a tradition of Indonesian ancestor. Times ago the pottery is used for storing rice, salt and spices that are used for the purpose kitchen cooking. 

But over time the development of pottery now become a decor that is very beautiful and charming. To obtain good results and maximum quality in the manufacture of decorative vase requires a complicated and long process. 

Clay selection process 

Need a thorough inspection to get the best clay in accordance with standard quality. Clay is not necessarily used immediately but it took a profound accuracy and ensure that clay is not mixed with small rocks and dirt. 

Drying process

After inspection, the selection clay is cut into pieces such as cubes and dry under the sun, it takes about 3 or 4 days to dry. To obtain maximum required shape dough by turning these earthenware. Require special supervision in drying by sunlight so as not too dry and get maximum results for decorative vase. 

Combustion Process 

Vase is ready to burn and collected into an open oven covered with rice straw that is burned for more than 4 hours and that has temperatures of about 400 to 800 Celsius degrees. 

Coloring process 

To obtain a dark color or bright color need a proper coloring and appropriate process. Floor vase become more attractive  with beautiful color such as white vase, red vase, gold vase and flower vase with other color finishing.

Beside terracotta vase in this site, you will find glass vase, bamboo vase, wooden vase and other floor vase with unique model and design that is creativity of the Indonesia craftsmen direct from Indonesian Handicraft Manufacturer.