Bamboo Handicrafts

Who doesn’t know the bamboo. It seemed everyone in the world knew bamboo. In Indonesia that a country has tropical climate with various kinds of bamboo growing all over the country. This makes the wealth of its own for art lovers on all sides. Fine art, sculpture and art music.

From the bamboo has been produced a lot of bamboo handicrafts in the form of woven or in other forms as ready to use of goods up to souvenirs. Various handicraft products such as decorative candles with bamboo carving, standing lamp for table and floor, laundry basket which is a combination of bamboocraft and cotton fabric which gives the natural impression, wall decoration with a touch of wicker and carving. 

On this site you can find and choose of various bamboo crafting or bamboo handicraft products with various forms of ready to use of goods, souvenirs and home decoration also. 

Find unique handicraft with beautiful design direct from Indonesian Handicraft manufaturer.